Cac and Mixed Poles

For medium and low-tension aerial lines

Steel Poles

For medium and low-tension aerial lines

Precast Electric Cabins

constructed from reinforced concrete (RCK450)


Currently S.I.P.A. S.p.A. is Italys leading producer of c.a.c. poles for medium and low-tension aerial lines, with a production capacity of about 32.000 poles/year.

In 2004 S.I.P.A. S.p.A. started to produce mixed poles, composed of a c.a.c section and a press-bent sheet extension to cover requirements of poles up to 18 mt. high.

In 2012 the Company invested in a new bay dedicated to the production of precast reinforced concrete cabins for electrical equipment, according to Enel Specifications. Working at full capacity, this production can reach 200 units per year.

At the end of of 2014, a new department was built and designed for the production of medium and low-tension aerial line poles, manufactured from pressed-bent steel sheet, and consisting of coupling sections too: the production capacity of this new bay can reach over 12.000 units per year.

Subsequent to this initiative, the Company obtained Enel Certification for this new product.

Our production in detail: