Precast Electric Cabins

cabina sipa spa


All our cabin units are manufactured to all current regulations and ENEL and CEI Specifications. The cabins are constructed from reinforced concrete (RCK450).
All connection joints of the different elements including the roofing are linked by high quality materials in order to satisfy IP33 level of protection.

The underground precast tank foundation has some holes for cables and is made to assure a perfect waterproofing and provides a sealed environment that prevents possible oil leakage outside.
Presently S.I.P.A. S.p.A. produces the following cabin types, according to all Enel specifications:



All of our cabins can be supplied in a variety of styles including pitched tiled roofs and different wall finishes for a better environmental setting. We offer a high level of customisation with the appearance of this product.

All of our cabins have been endorsed by Servizio Tecnico Centrale del Consiglio Superiore dei LL.PP.


S.I.P.A. S.p.A. Cabins Accessories (click to open pdf)


S.I.P.A. S.p.A. Cabins Gallery (click to enlarge and for slideshow)


                Some projects for S.I.P.A. S.p.A. Cabins (click to open pdf):

 DG 2061 Ed. 06  DG 10200 Ed. 01 double pitch roofing              
 DG 2061 Ed. 08 User Room - Transformer Room (L = 5,71m)
 DG 2092 Ed. 03  User Room - Transformer Room (L = 4,01m)  
 DG 2061 Ed. 06  double pitch roofing   User Room - Transformer Room on the Right (L = 4,50m) 
 DG 2061 Ed. 08 double pitch roofing    User Room - Transformer Room on the Left (L = 4,50m)
 DG 2092 Ed. 03  double pitch roofing  User Cabin (L = 3,15m) 
 DG 2081 Ed. 05 "Minibox" Enel Room - Measure Room on the Right (L = 5,71m) 
 DG 10197 Ed. 03 "Microbox" Enel Room - Measure Room on the Left (L = 4,01m)  
 DG 10200 Ed. 01 Enel Room - Measure Room on the Right (L = 4,01m) 



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