Cac and Mixed Poles

For medium and low-tension aerial lines

pali misti

All c.a.c. poles  produced according to Enel Specification DS3000 Rev.8, are manufactured by cage assembling longitudinal re-bars wrapped into a steel spiral. The number and diameter of the re-bars are designed by care to optimise their performance.

For concrete casting we only use raw materials of a high quality and this is checked regularly. We do this so to ensure we obtain the best mixtures possible for the maximum range of security.

We use a mechanical centrifuge for concrete compaction, which results in an extremely compact  mixture and a final product that is waterproof, whilst protecting the internal steel reinforcement for maximum durability.

Our production methods guarantees a kind of pole who is resistant to practically all external agents, and perfectly adaptable to the most hostile conditions.


In 2004 we introduced a press-bent sheet extension which can provide poles up to 18 metres high.

 Poles type produced: all types reported into the table ENEL DS 3000 Rev. 08


Gallery of S.I.P.A. S.p.A. poles (click to enlarge and for slideshow)

 Standard reinforcement of a c.a.c. pole manifactured by S.I.P.A. S.p.A.  (click to open pdf) 



“Once Upon A Time” Curiosity

Watch the video “The production of c.a.c poles” from the historical archive of Istituto Luce.

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